How do I start a career in Social Media?

A few years ago, social media was mostly just for fun, but not anymore. Now, social media has become more popular than ever, and brands all over Bengaluru are harnessing the power of social media to spread the word about their products and services. Engagement with customers through social media has become the top priority for enterprises and organizations using platforms like: Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and Twitter to gain market share.


To configure the perks of social media marketing in their marketing strategy, enterprises are increasingly focussing on hiring new talents to lead the innovation in the space. This is a great time to be a social media marketer, and if you want to know how diverse social media channels work, then a social media training course in Bengaluru can be your ultimate solution. But before you start to build your career in social media, here is some information for you.

Let’s start with some common misconceptions about social media marketing as a career:

1. Social media marketing is a cakewalk.

Social media is the most competitive place you will ever be in. So, no social media marketing isn’t easy. It requires creativity, data analysis, attention to detail, impeccable research, and above all, passion and patience.

2. Social media marketing is just a phase. It is a marketing experiment.

This is the biggest mistake that one can make. Social media is vast, and so it requires strategic planning and long-term focus. Instead of opting for social media marketing just during a product launch or specific events, brands must have a consistent social media strategy in place. They must frequently post to drive engagement and stay connected with their customers.

3. Social media marketing is objective

Successful social media marketers know that engaging campaigns aren’t built on sheer guesswork or instincts. Social media campaigns must be data-driven and thoroughly research-based. When social media campaigns are tailored by analyzing buyer personas through intent data, they bring in more conversions. Besides, a personalized approach can denote how you care about your users’ perspectives.

4. Social media marketing doesn’t require any institutional training.

Wrong. As one of the most effective marketing strategies, social media needs proper execution. Training is essential. Without any prior training or experience, understanding social media can be daunting. Each social media has its own audience, content formats, features, and analytics practice.

Skills that you need to build

Skills are those tangible factors in social media marketing that bring results to the table. Some imperative skills for a social media marketer are listed as follows:

  • Copywriting to drive engagement and clicks
  • Immaculately creative design skills for graphics and videos
  • Insane trend research skills to make the content go viral
  • Precise budgeting skills
  • Community engagement skills to provide remarkable customer service experiences
  • Behavioral psychology
  • Ability to handle analytics, and more

Acquiring all these skills might seem overwhelming. With the right training, you can expand your knowledge. Hence, looking for the best social media course in Bengaluru is the first step towards acquiring these skills and certifications.

Get started now!

In addition to being a rewarding career option, social media also empower you to discover new ideas and trends and connect with a global pool of active social media audiences. Social media has become a critical part of how people communicate, network, and share. The best part is that you can be a part of all of it with a social media training course in Bengaluru.

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