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What is Digital Marketing? How do I get started?

Who hasn’t heard of digital marketing? Well, maybe digital marketing is not as new as it was in the last decade. Today, digital marketing is a whooping industry of $197.47 billion in the USA and $79.08 billion in China. In the USA alone, digital advertising is a $30 billion larger market than TV advertising. The […]

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Courses to take from home and work from home

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed with so many new online courses and resources to learn something exciting every day. Plus, a lot of us are juggling between a few projects, prioritizing skill development, and maybe even getting our business off the ground. Then, we also give some time to relax for lunch, exercise and walk […]

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The best online training during COVID-19 crisis

As human lives and public safety is becoming the top priority with the rapid spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, consumers are now staying indoors and presumably mostly online, making digital marketing crucial for businesses and brands than ever. There are tons of online free courses to upgrade yourself in this self-quarantine time – but, […]

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