How to create a Buzzing Content for your Online Event Promotion

Events can be the most influential source to create and maintain buzz around your brand. Online event promotion is not an easy deal, but with the right tools and tactics, your event can get the maximum attention. Today, event advertising is beyond billboards and flyers; and digital marketing is the key to leverage revenue generation, awareness, and engagement with the event. There’s so much to do when it comes to online event promotion. Do not want to keep your audience guessing about the event? Follow these few tips to create some engaging content pieces for online event promotion:

Stop being outrageously self-promotional:

It’s a noisy, noisy world out there. But it doesn’t mean your promotional content has to be purely self-promotional. Your event is more than just an event, a place where people share the same beliefs and goals, meet and grow together.

Bad example:

The content here does not resonate with the actual reason why young entrepreneurs want to run businesses in the first place.

Good Example-

Focus on “why” rather than “who” –

What does your audience really care about? The content of your online event promotion should target the interests and beliefs of the audience. For instance, don’t tell them that Mel Robbins is the key speaker; tell them how Mel Robbins will help them to be confident.

Go for UGC –

Millennials find User-Generated Content 85% more trustworthy than traditional media. Adding a memory from your past event in any form can create the right attention and followers your event needs. It does not have to be something astounding, simple words can also do the trick.

Keep it clear –

Creating a hoopla with words can kill the soul of your online event promotion. Don’t believe us? Learn it from Starbucks-

We get the overall message of Starbucks, but the unnecessary length of the message is confusing and not irrelevant.

Keep away from Typos –

Typos of any kind; even punctuation can blow the content’s meaning. A text message from a primary school promoting an Easter church service requested attendees to bring their “dirty willies” for washing after the service.

After this negative publicity, school authorities apologized by stating: “We are so sorry, it’s WELLIES!!! WELLINGTON BOOTS. Sincere apologies for any offense caused.”

The Hashtag mania –

Hashtags keep your event alive. They’re invaluable for online event promotion on social media. Your hashtag may seem innocuous, but a small error while handling hashtags can create mishaps, just like Chester Literary Festival fell short on using appropriate hashtags, ultimately leading to huge backlashes from Twitterati.

The dead-end messages –

You’ve certainly encountered an online event promotion and said: “…what’s next?” It’s always good to give your audience a Call-To-Action to help them take the next step for your event. Allow the audience to make a decision.

Be creative –

Your content can be the for or friend of your brand. So, use it wisely. You don’t have to stick with the same routine. There are tons of ways to be creative with your content on social media. Why not do your online event promotion with gifs, infographics, live videos, videos, and so much more.

Online event promotion is not an easy game. No matter how large your social network or followers are, or have huge fan followers online, getting people excited about your event can be difficult. What matters is creating engaging content to drive a meaningful audience towards your event.

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