Your Guide to Becoming a Digital Marketer in India

Become Professional Digital Marketer India

Believe it or not, but Indian consumers have strongly embraced digital. With more than half a billion internet subscribers, India is undeniably one of the fastest-growing and largest markets for digital consumers. Digitization is swiftly and radically changing the game for every business in India’s economy. The digital advertising industry across India has reached a whooping market size of around 199 billion India Rupees in the year 2020. When digital is the new trend, and digital marketing is the new sensation, what can be better than becoming a professional digital marketer in India? Wondering why? Let’s find out!

COVID-19 gave birth to the digital marketing boom

The COVID-19 strike was a massive strike on brick-and-mortar businesses. Businesses on the streets and physical modes of marketing halted, and everything moved online. E-commerce platforms became the new shopping Asgard, and digital marketing became the unicorn for driving sales. Why? Because brochure marketing was way beyond everyone’s reach and when every customer is glued to their screen, why invest in physical advertising mediums where there is no one.

As the digital marketing boom began in full force, digital marketing as a career became quite lucrative, and the scene hasn’t changed. The scope and hope for digital marketing are massive, and selecting an online course for digital marketing can be beneficial for several orders of magnitude.

Why Become Professional Digital Marketer in India

  • The scope and need of digital marketing in India are immense, and the growth figures are expected to grow even further, which makes digital marketing a promising career option.
  • The digital sphere of India presents an unprecedented range of opportunities for digital marketers to develop their skills as storytellers, so they can impact the audience out there.
  • There are about 635.8 million web users in India. The number of people using smartphones in India will nearly double by 2023. So, becoming a digital marketer can present an outright opportunity for marketers to engage users with out-of-the-box ideas.
  • In addition, digital marketing courses can also enable aspiring marketers to stay up-to-date in the quick-moving environment and stay aware of the digital metrics that update constantly.
  • Digital marketers in India represent considerable authority in a versatile range of fields as every enterprise needs agile and professional digital marketers.

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The predominance of e-commerce and demand generation is simply unreal. Whether someone is starting a brand or wants to jot a digital marketing strategy for your pre-established enterprise, having a digital marketing professional by the side is a mandate. There are infinite reasons to opt for digital marketing certification courses, but the prime one is the demand which isn’t sinking anytime soon. When you decide to become a professional digital marketer in India, you can get a broad spectrum of choices in working with renowned brands that are shifting to the digital landscape.

Do you want to become a professional digital marketer in India and explore the horizons of success? Then think big, think Digital Almighty.

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