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It’s okay to feel overwhelmed with so many new online courses and resources to learn something exciting every day. Plus, a lot of us are juggling between a few projects, prioritizing skill development, and maybe even getting our business off the ground. Then, we also give some time to relax for lunch, exercise and walk outside, but those only work if we stick to our schedule.

So, how to keep sane and remain productive at the same time? Which skill development courses can best fit your busy schedule?


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Coaching for many of us is similar to mentoring or therapy. Which is the stark contradiction of it – coaching is everything else apart from giving advice.

And the best part? You’re not being judged or advised, you’re simply directed to your own answers and stories (and you’re the one to do that!). Want to learn more about coaching?

By no means are we saying you need coaching, but take a look at this free coaching session to get started.

#Digital Marketing

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Thankfully, digital marketing is thriving in these hard times. From meetings to grocery shopping, everything is now online. The current COVID-19 crisis is not a brilliant situation for the world to be in.

But, now’s the time for us to go completely digital, for professional and personal up-gradation (and be connected). Invest some time to learn a few digital courses and skills that can help you in the long run. You might not need that SEO knowledge right now, but it won’t hurt to know how it affects your business.

And if you’re a business owner, you know that digital marketing is the new future of industries around the world. Start creating your online presence today, take a digital marketing course.


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Preparing WFH meals? Writing your career journal? There are tons of ways to keep your creative juices flowing and refresh yourself for a while. From stretching to making chai lattes and financing, there are so many new things you can learn right now.

Painting your doors correctly, taking the photography class you’ve always ditched, learning to handle your finances, or learning about your pet – there are loads of things you never did before.

#Stick to that routine

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Humans love being in a system – we probably crave routines and schedules. Not every day is the same. Schedule different routines for each day. You may not have the same energy every day.

Some of us love evening showers, it gives us something to look forward to. Or some might like to schedule all their outdoor tasks on the same day. Find what works best for you and play around with it.

Try this: Work backward to create the schedule – adhere to end time or the last task. This might help you to prioritize your tasks.

#Take breaks

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A lot of us feel the need to prove ourselves as a hard worker just because we’re working from home. So, we tend to start early on our work and finish up late, and sometimes also skipping meals in between.

Work hard, sure, but leave the office when you’re done for the day. It’s tempting to hop on the bed and continue to do work on your laptop. That’s just extending the workday. This will create more unproductive work from you.

Try this: No working from bed ever. Commit to doing one thing at a time to get a break. Remember the stretching you missed in the morning? Save it for your break time.

#Dress up

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Whether it’s your office or yourself, dress up for your work. You already have a dedicated space to work (if not, just clear the clutter). Let some natural light flow on your table, have small plants to liven it up, replace that distracting mousepad, keep it neat – there are tons of ways to make your home office the-way-I-love-to-work.

Avoid working in your PJs. Sure, WFH gives you the freedom to dress up as you like. This does not mean you can’t wear that jacket you saved for the big day in your office.

Try this: Pay attention to what inspires you to come to work and reflect that in your home office. Avoid bed slippers or sandals or whatever you call it – it just kills the mood to finish that presentation.

This was a long post, and I hope you found some tips that will help you to be more productive while working from home. Let’s help each other to stay productive at home.

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Job Types: Full-time, Regular / Permanent

Salary: ₹25,000.00 - ₹30,000.00 per month

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Education: Bachelor's (Preferred)

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